Video Distribution and Bulk tv Services

We at Adams Telecom are a proud vendor of Dish Networks for business and bulk TV Distribution. Dish delivers high-quality HD picture that is never degraded, compressed or scaled before it’s delivered to your TV, unlike the cable companies. And with larger dishes and more state-of-the-art receivers and equipment, the reliability has dramatically increased and is less effected by weather than in years past! For smaller businesses with less than 15 TVs,
We offer a wide range of options that include receivers with a small footprint, RF remotes, and smart TV features!

For condo complexes and apartments, the need for large walls of multiplex switches are gone thanks to the new Dish Smartbox that allows one satellite dish to feed all of your receivers throughout your property without the need for constant maintenance.
For larger businesses, hospitality industry and hospitals, gone are the days of large head-ends with stacks of receivers, modulators, wires and huge amounts of heat.

Thanks to the new Dish SmartBox technology, we can distribute analog, ClearHD, Proidum and/or Veramatrix output from Dish’s huge selection of programming, AS WELL as your video source via analog input, digital input or IP input, while keeping everything in 6 rack spaces! We also offer service contracts to allow us to make changes to your lineup and maintain your equipment remotely!

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