About Us

Adams Telecom was founded in 2003, to provide a better, all in one solution for the hospitality industry in the local East Tennessee area.
Realizing that hotel owners and developers were forced to deal with many vendors to install and maintain all the different services required
to operate, Adams Telecom set out to be the “one stop” for any and all of the telecom, PBX, internet, PMS, infrastructure, audio/visual needs. With a phone call, we provide an entire installation plan, from the utility provider all the way to the finished product, covering all aspects
of need.

Since then, we have expanded to cover all of the United States to offer these same services, not only to the hospitality industry, but from
small to large corporations and manufactures as well. We can maintain any one part all the way to every part of any corporation or hospitality’s technology needs. From the utility service at road all the way to your desk, we have you covered.

We take a different approach – we WANT to work with you, your budget, and your existing infrastructure! We carefully consider each and
every job and situation, and do our best to make sure you have the very best while staying within your budget.
You will be working with professionals that not only know their line of work, but also know and understand your line of work. Your business is more to us than a number; when you are successful, so are we! At the end of the day, our goal at ATS is to make you, the customer, happy, and to provide the best solution for your situation or needs.

Adams Telecom: Turning Ideas into Solutions! More than a slogan, it’s our way of life.