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Network Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Adams Telecom understand the networking protocols services such as TCP/IP, MPLS, and SD-WAN. We are prepared to solve most difficult task related to networking and its protocol.Our engineers and techs is fluent in design and the integration supports of the network topologies. Our network engineers and techs use the latest testing tools and certification of LAN, wireless system, mesh, and VOIP deployment.Quality, Scalability, Reliability, High efficiency and Low cost integrated with the new technology are the concepts of Adams telecom professional network structure and design. Adams telecom looks forward to serve customer and perform the most reliable solution According to the client needs and budget , and make it easy to get extended in high efficiency and low cost according to business new requirements.Adams telecom always perform a comprehensive network design, with high quality, capability and capacity devices.

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Video Distribution & Bulk TV Services

We at Adams Telecom are a proud vendor of Dish Networks for business and bulk TV Distribution. Dish delivers high-quality HD picture that is never degraded, compressed or scaled before it’s delivered to your TV, unlike the cable companies. And with larger dishes and more state-of-the-art receivers and equipment, the reliability has dramatically increased and is less effected by weather than in years past! For smaller businesses with less than 15 TVs, We offer a wide range of options that include receivers with a small footprint, RF remotes, and smart TV features!For condo complexes and apartments, the need for large walls of multiplex switches are gone thanks to the new Dish Smartbox that allows one satellite dish to feed all of your receivers throughout your property without the need for constant maintenance.For larger businesses, hospitality industry and hospitals, gone are the days of large head-ends with stacks of receivers, modulators, wires and huge amounts of heat.Thanks to the new Dish SmartBox technology, we can distribute analog, ClearHD, Proidum and/or Veramatrix output from Dish’s huge selection of programming, AS WELL as your video source via analog input, digital input or IP input, while keeping everything in 6 rack spaces! We also offer service contracts to allow us to make changes to your lineup and maintain your equipment remotely!

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Enterprise IT Solutions

Enterprise data centers serve as a very dynamic variable and unpredictable business environment because IT now is engaged with maintaining control of strategic assets on premises while delivering cloud capabilities across the same infrastructure.Delivering the cloud architecture that businesses need for greater flexibility and agility could happen through many solutions, including software-defined infrastructure (SDI) which is bringing hyper-efficiency to on-site data centers.Our IT designs and solutions are based on the latest technology deployed on the market. We are proud to partner with many of the major hardware and software manufacturers, such as HP, Dell, Microsoft, ADTRAN, Cisco Networks, and many more.Adams Telecom has a distinguished strategy to serve its client after the sell as well with options for on-site/offsite technical support, management and maintenance. We pride ourselves in solving your specific problems and maintaining your solutions for years to come.

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Hospitality Technology Solutions

Adams Telecom was founded on the principle of providing IT, phone, and TV services for the hospitality industry.

Adams Telecom offers a turn key solution for Fiber Internet, Phone service, wiring infrastructure, security consulting, phone system, TV channels lineup for independent and flagship hotels, admin network and PMS hardware and software, common areas music systems, and audio visual systems design and installations.

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Key & PBX Phone Systems

The move to an IP-PBX business phone system is beneficial regardless of which system is ultimately chosen. However, there are differences but that leads to a better VoIP phone system and a higher level of satisfaction for the company, employees and even callers.On-premise systems, are responsible for driving down costs for VoIP providers and manufacturers. This provides users with the ability to get the latest technology with many more features at a lower cost than what was traditionally available.Low cost of installation and service available for Mitel PBX, Avaya IP office phone system. Ongoing support and monthly maintenance also available.Our system installation and implementation include; system design, training, and labeling.

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Voip, Cloud PBX & SIP Services

Adams Telecom is a phone company, we provide; PRI, analog lines, T-1, SIP trunks, hosted PBX solution, and VOIP services..Adams Telecom is specialized in business phone system which relies on high-speed internet, which is cheaper than traditional phone system, allows the client to have unlimited calling with no more cost beside applying to keep the number.Adams Telecom offers reliability to your Business phone system, it will work, no matter what the power or internet status is.Adams Telecom is a SIP service Provider (Session Initiation Protocol) which is a trunk connection allows making phone calls from the current phone system without needing to buy that expensive new equipment. Low cost and effort but huge impact.

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